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About Australian Greyhound Working and Sporting Dog Veterinarians (AGWSDV)

The Australian Greyhound Working and Sporting Dog Veterinarians (AGWSDV) group is a special interest group of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA), the only professional organisation representing veterinarians in Australia. AGWSDV members have expertise in the health and welfare of greyhounds, and provide their expertise to owners, trainers and racing organisations. Each year, the AGWSDV organises continuing education to ensure greyhound veterinarians have access to the latest knowledge and can constantly develop their clinical skills. AGWSDV also keeps members informed about news in racing circles and are a vital source of health and welfare information for all those involved with greyhounds. For more information about the AGWSDV’s activities and offerings, please visit https://www.ava.com.au/

About the 2020 AGWSDV Conference – A virtual Conference

The Australian Greyhound Working and Sporting Dog Veterinarians (AGWSDV) Annual Conference will be held over three nights of live streaming with an amazing array of speakers.

This year's program is focused on providing the latest clinical research and information in the field of working
and sporting dogs, as well providing practical, take home and how to do tips for clinical work. Our keynote speakers this year are Dr Arthur House, Dr John Katakasi, Dr Stephen Fearnside and Dr Petra Price.

Throughout the conference we explore the imaging of musculoskeletal injuries, how we can improve our diagnostic skills, discussion on the treatment of common injuries, the current gold standard treatments
of musculoskeletal injuries and ground-breaking research into retinopathies of older greyhounds.

Other talks and panel discussions include the recent Corona virus epidemic in racing greyhounds, the
results of some drug excretion studies led by Dr Steven Karamatic and advancing the welfare of retired
greyhounds by Dr Gavin Goble and Dr Michelle Ledger.

Registration & Pricing

AGWSDV Group Member       - $145.00
AVA Member                           - $195.00
Non-Member                           - $390.00

International Delegates

Members of these Associations can attend at the AVA Members ($195) pricing:
  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)
  • British Veterinary Association (BVA)
  • Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)
  • New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA)
  • South African Veterinary Association (SAVA)
Please contact victoria.wood@ava.com.au if you are a member of one these associations and wish to register.

Viewing the recorded lectures

During the Conference, to view talks just go to Schedule to watch the recording on-screen. You can watch recordings on-demand for 3 months, after the conclusion of the conference.

How does this work? Do I need to download any special software

Recorded lectures are viewable on most common internet browsers that you use regularly. No additional software is required to view, and you are not required to download any videoconferencing software.

How do the VetEd points work? 

Each attendee can earn up to 9 structured* VetEd points for the 2020 AGWSDV Conference. Points can be earned by watching talks live or on-demand over the next 3 months. AVA members will have their points uploaded automatically.

On 17 April 2020, the AVA discussed CPD points classification for veterinarians attending VetFest 2020 with the Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW. It was confirmed that due to COVID-19 and the restrictions this has placed on face-to-face CPD, that veterinarian participation in NSW in a virtual conference will be considered structured learning. This means 1 point will be allocated per 1 hour of activity.

During May, AVA contacted each state/territory Veterinary Board to request consideration of a similar approach for veterinarians in their state/territory.

*Response as of 5 June is as follows:

  • Veterinary Practitioners Board of NSW – veterinarian participation in NSW in the virtual conference will be considered structured learning.
  • Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland – the QLD Board supports the proposal for veterinarians’ attendance at VetFest 2020 via videoconference to be recorded as structured learning.
  • ACT Veterinary Practitioners Board – Agreed that participation in the AVA’s virtual conference will be considered structured learning for ACT registrants.
  • Veterinary Practitioners Registration Board of Victoria – Board agreed to recognise attendance at the conference, be it online or offline, as structured learning for CPD purposes
  • Veterinary Surgeons Board of South Australia – Board agreed that SA veterinarians who attend VetFest sessions ‘real time’ (live-streamed) can claim 1 point per 1 hour.
  • Veterinary Board of the Northern Territory – CPD is not legislated as mandatory in the NT however under the Veterinarians Code of Conduct they have a duty to maintain contemporary professional standards and must advise each renewal year that they have completed some form of CPD.
  • Veterinary Board of Tasmania – The Tasmanian Veterinary Service Standards do not currently include specific requirements in relation to CPD. Rather, there is a broad requirement to maintain professional knowledge under the VSS3/2016: Standard of Professional Conduct.
  • Veterinary Surgeons' Board Western Australia – There is currently no requirement for veterinary surgeons to complete any CPD. Whilst it’s very much encouraged, there is no specified amount or recording of what they do.

How can I become a sponsor of the Conference?

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